For the last 4 years, I've been working with UCSF's Project ECHO in the role of Outreach Liaison.  My job has been to travel to 13 counties identified in Northern California as having high hepatitis C (HCV) disease burden and minimal infrastructure to treat it.  I've been able to accomplish this goal by living in an Airstream trailer, known as the HepCarestream.

 The approach is relatively novel; embedding into a community for a period of time, developing relationshi...

4 months have passed since I last posted.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas, New Years have come and gone.  I've been to Plumas, Lassen, Modoc, Tehama, and Shasta Counties.

With all this moving about, I've found it hard to keep the inspiration to maintain this website.  When I started out, my blogging was fueled with enthusiasm as I set out to build a new approach to building infrastructure to treat and cure hepatitis C (HCV).  Isn't that how it always goes...

My father, Richard Slepin, was a bit of a madman. Born in 1923 into an affluent Jewish family fraught with secrets and emotional drama, the resultant blurred boundaries influenced every part of his life.  His chaotic childhood and unbridled brilliance yielded a kind-hearted, scattered, undisciplined, misdirected adult. He had a genius IQ, a kind and generous heart, a wildly funny, intelligent, and deeply thoughtful sense of humor, and a crippling lack of self-confidence. Of t...

Lake County is aptly named, as the largest clearwater lake in California sits in its center.

The water is blue, with mountain like volcanic structures rising in the distance.  The lake is beautiful, but plagued with an overgrowth of green algae that will begin to kill the fish as the summer temperatures rise.  When this happens, the dead fish rise to the top and the air is filled with their stench.  Some years are worse than others.  Surprisingly, you won't see a lot of water...

May is Hepatitis Awareness Month.  There are all kinds of hepatitis- A, B, C, D, E- maybe even more.  Each of them is different.  None of them are good, and some are worse than others.  The CDC has a great website where you can go to learn about each different type.  

Awareness or a lack thereof, is a problem.  Once we become aware, however, is that enough?  In my mind, the answer is NO!  Awareness requires that we act accordingly.  If we don't, we are stat...

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