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A Lag & An Update

And just like that, 3 months have passed since my last post. I find that hard to believe, but it's true. I've been on the road this entire time and am now in Tucson, AZ. Tomorrow, I'm going to an RV dealer who has many used Airstream trailers for sale. Perhaps I'll find mine there?!?

In mid December, I will meet with the ECHO+ team at UCSF and we will begin to strategize how we will approach the HCV epidemic in Northern California. The overall plan is for me to live in my Airstream, making it easy for me to live among the communities where we know there is a high incidence of the virus. I'll begin to develop relationships with community members and leaders with the ultimate goal of linking people to care.

This road trip has been enlightening as I have had the opportunity to meet so many people from all walks of life from all over our country. It has prepared me to continue this work in a more concentrated area. I believe that meeting people where they are is the best strategy when dealing with healthcare matters. By gaining trust, I'll be able to provide education about HCV and help people understand their options for care. Now that there is a CURE, there is great hope on a once bleak horizon.

Apologies for the lag in communication. Your interest is most appreciated. Here are some photos from some of my adventures since I last posted.

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