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And, it's a no.

I returned to the Bay Area from Arizona, after a trip to see an Airstream I was considering. It was a gently used 27 foot 2014 Eddie Bauer toy hauler. The 3 foot difference in this one and the 30' Flying Cloud I had been looking at was noticeable, but I could have lived in this one. Having the opportunity to spend the night in it was awesome, and even exciting. After noodling on it for a couple days, I reached out to the owner to talk price. We couldn't reach an agreement. So, the hunt for the vessel that will become the HepCarestream continues. The time in Arizona wasn't wasted. The guys who were selling the Airstream were super nice and so I feel like I made a couple new friends. I got some good writing done. I got to see my padrastro. I even had an unexpected retreat in the cutest AirBnb where I ended up having my own private pool and outdoor fireplace.

An unexpected private retreat in Tucson.

Each step in this Airstream hunting process teaches me something. This trip showed me that if it means buying a smaller vessel than the original 30 feet I was thinking of, I can adapt to that. Starting this business, and committing to living in an Airstream for at least 3 years has required me to let go of a lot of material things. I miss having my own home, but I have learned that I need very little to live happily and comfortably. And this "sacrifice" allows me to do this important work in rural areas that have very few resources when it comes to getting care for hepatitis C.

I'm in conversation with the folks at Bay Area Airstream and there are a couple of used options there. It's not a matter of IF I get one, it's just when.

If you are interested in contributing to the cause, you can click here.*

* Every contribution is tax deductible and contributions over $250.00 will receive appropriate IRS documentation at the end of the year.

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