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Auld Lang Syne

Written in 1788 by Robbie Burns, Auld Lang Syne is a poem/song most of us are familiar with. The lyrics begin with the rhetorical question: Should old times be forgotten? Looking back at 2017, it's safe to say it's been a tumultuous year. Politics has been at the forefront of the news and occupied our minds in an unprecedented way. Worry and anxiety as well as flares of negativity have been extra-prevalent. Part of me wants to say good riddance to 2017.

Wisdom informs me of the multifaceted nature of all things. If I choose to, I can look at what may appear at first glance as something negative, and find the hidden treasure. There is a more perfect facet somewhere, and that's what I hope to find.

Thank you 2017 for all the lessons. I hope I learned them so that 2018 can be a year of elevation and progress.

To all of you, and whatever you face in 2018, remember that we are charged to exercise choice. In 2018, choose the high road. On that road, there is no forgetting of old acquaintances. The high road will lead to your best and brightest.

Here's to you. Here's to 2018! Auld Lang Syne.

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